Replacement Windows

Choosing the glass for your replacement windows

A home’s window offers a number of benefits including natural light, security or privacy.

When the glass panes of windows get too dirty too easily or build up with excessive watermarks from rain and condensation, the windows aren’t as attractive to look out from, and create a sense of dirtiness throughout the home.

Glass for Replacement WindowsManufacturing practices, new materials and specific design technologies have been recently employed in home replacement windows that allow for longer product life spans, easier maintenance, and better value for home owners.

A recent self-cleaning glass technology that is used in higher quality replacement windows is a coated glass that has both photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties meaning it protects against both sunlight and moisture. This technology makes the glass easier to clean and repels moisture and rain in a more efficient manner to prevent watermarks and streaks while retaining unimpeded views outside the home.

Self-cleaning glass offers a durable and transparent coating applied to the outer surface of the hot glass during the formation process. The coating’s photocatalytic properties, which are activated by the sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays, help in slowly breaking down and loosening organic dirt that easily accumulates on all windows.

The windows have a 40 percent reduction in UV transmittance with the outside of the glass appearing slightly brighter than the inside to aid in the UV process.

Due to the glass panel’s hydrophilic properties, rain and moisture rolls off in sheets in an even manner rather than beading up. The sheeting action assists in flushing the surface of the glass clean and facilitates a faster drying time to help minimize the dreaded spotting and streaking; a benefit especially to second story windows that are hard to reach.

This self-cleaning glass technology offers improved thermal and optical qualities when compared against traditional clear glass. With more optimal sheeting and rinsing when it rains or with condensation in the air, and with the automatic loosening of organic materials and dirt that tends to easily cake onto home windows, self-cleaning glass offers a tremendous benefit to the homeowner in maintenance free enjoyment and ease of use.

Replacement windows with the self-cleaning technology built into the panels offer homeowners the best value when remodeling their homes in keeping maintenance and cleaning to a minimum while protecting the home and improving its value.

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