Conservatory Awnings For Sale

Awnings & Shades for a Conservatory

The biggest problem with conservatories is keeping the room cool during the summer.

If you don’t take adequate steps then the room can become virtually unusable during the summer months. You could decide on internal conservatory blinds as a solution, however, there is no question that the best method is to use external conservatory awnings. What’s the difference ?

Conservatory Awnings For SaleWell the external awning creates a solar barrier and stops the sun’s rays from ever reaching the conservatory windows and heating up the room. Internal blinds will stop the light ok, but are not so good at stopping the heat. However, conservatory awnings are not suitable for all conservatories, Great info Here so it may be that you have to use internal blinds after all.Conservatory awnings are mounted so they are flush with the glazing and are retractable.

The awnings are stored in a canister and the operation will nearly always be motorised. The choice of design of the awning will obviously be down to the individual, but do not go far attractive designs on inferior material as the awnings will bear the brunt of the sun’s rays during the hotter summer months. The material works by absorbing and reflecting the heat from the sun while still allowing some light through.

You can get online quotes for awnings  or go to The Ultimate Guide to Conservatory Prices  these days, provided you supply exact measurements. So you can get some idea of cost without exposing yourself to a hard sell from a retailer.

Or you can visit some local showrooms to get a feel for what your after. We do feel though, that a conservatory awning, provided it can be fitted is the by far the best method of keeping your conservatory cool during the summer.

Many gardens these days have french windows leading onto a patio area or decking.

This area of garden though is much under used and people do not realise that an awning attached above the french doors will give an extra dimension and living space to the home. With the protection of the awning the patio can be used whenever warm or hot temperature prevail regardless of the overhead conditions.

As mentioned the patio awning will provide protection for your family from the harmful ultra voiley rays from the sun, which is a major concern these days. In addition, the awning will obviously protect from summer showers as well, which means you will not have to keeping dodging the showers and moving furniture in and out.

As the furniture is protected from sun and rain, the awning will help stop the elements damaging the furniture.The awning will basically give you a second dining room and you will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner outside under the protective blind.

The awning will offer some protection for barbeques as well and offer some insurance against the unpredictable british summer. Not only will you be able to dine in comfort but also with some privacy from onlooking neighbours

.Patio awnings is generally more expensive than you make imagine, particularly if you need a made to measure one. You generally will not need planning permission for a patio awning, but it’s always wise to double check with your local authority.

The fabric generally used for a patio awning is usually teflon coated to protect against the elemensts and treated with an anti-mildew coating. They will also be “UV-stablished” to resist fading. The treatments should be gauranteed by the manufacturer.With a patio awning you gain extra living space and enjoy some alfresco dining throughout the summer.