Amazing Mini Blinds For Double Glazed Windows

How to Install Window Mini Blinds

Window blinds are a popular alternative to shades or curtains, particularly in an office environment. Although blinds alone are usually adequate for covering windows, mini blinds made of plastic, steel or even wood are a suitable option.

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They should also come with all the required hardware needed for installation. At first it may seem like a fairly daunting task however read on to discover that the job is much simpler than you first realised.

Start by measuring the width of the windows that will be having the mini blinds fitted. Remember to measure the length of particularly long windows that run from floor to ceiling.

Decorating A New Conservatory CheaplyNext you should purchase standard size blinds from a DIY store, department store or home improvement retailer. Remember to check that the available sizes of blinds will fit the measurements that you have taken. Mini blinds will not be available to fit windows that are not standard size, however they can be ordered to custom fit through various window blind retailers.

Now that you have purchased your blinds, begin by marking the support screw locations. Hold one of the side support brackets against the top side of the window frame and then measure the distance from the back of the window frame to the back of the bracket. When marking the location of the screw holes in the brackets, remember to use a sharp pencil to ensure accuracy. Even though the support brackets may have four screw holes, they only need two support screws.

In order to make the start holes get the point of a nail and using a hammer, tap the tip of the nail set onto every hole mark. You just need to make a small hole that is roughly 3/8-inch deep. The wood from a window frame will not damage the nail set.

Next you need to fit and secure the side brackets. First put the brackets into place and fit the support screws into place with a Phillips head screwdriver or a drill. The next task is to mark the location of the centre support clip. Slip the mini blinds into the side brackets you just fitted and then place the centre support clip into the slot on the underside of the top bar. Mark the location of the screw holes in the upper clip with a pencil. You will need to take the blinds out of the brackets in order to install the clip.

Now you are ready to hang the mini clinds. Place the top bar of the blinds into the side brackets then place the cover doors into the front slots of the bracket. To secure the clip you should drive screws through the holes in the upper window frame. Place the centre support clip into the slot on the upper bar.

Now you are nearly done one of the final jobs is to attach the valance. Hang the valance clips in the opening of the top bar about 4 inches from either end. Next slide the valance through one of the clips and then thread it all of the way through to reach into the clip on the other side.

Finally, hang the horizontal adjuster on the hook. You should lower the blinds with the strings as well as checking the horizontal adjuster by twisting the rod. for all things related to new windows and doors